Jeff - Projects

Jeff - Projects

Organize your ideas and manage your personal projects with efficiency, precision and detail.

Jeff - Projects

Stay in control.

No matter how complex your ideas are, Jeff helps you stay on track.

Cards, in lists, inside boards.

Start with cards that you can sort later. Then organize them into a project, boards and lists. Need to go deeper ? Add tasks and subtasks to your cards.

Color coded and tags.

You can chose a color, an icon or add tags to all elements. Jeff gives you this flexibility. You are only limited by your creativity.

Pin down what's important.

A project or idea becomes temporarily important and needs your full attention? Pin it and it will stay on top of the list and in the spotlight.

Markdown editor with themes.

Take rich, structured notes. Let your inspiration do the work.

Jeff - Projects

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Available on macOS and iOS.