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Privacy Policy - Mon assistant

Terms used

  • My assistant means the copy of the mobile application installed in the memory of your device, after downloading from the platforms corresponding to your device, as well as the local storage space made available by your device.
  • aba.cash means the service available at https://aba.cash that My Assistant accesses via the public api provided by this service to third party developers.
  • Push Notification refers to a third party service provided by Firebase (https://firebase.google.com). This service allows, among other things, to send alerts to My Assistant from aba.cash.

What information is collected by My assistant?

In the case of My Assistant, information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Your username as configured on aba.cash
  • Your password as configured on aba.cash
  • Your first and last name, as provided by aba.cash
  • Your company name, attached to the username entered at login and as provided by aba.cash
  • Your assignments and roles, attached to the user name entered at the time of login and as provided by aba.cash
  • Notifications containing data related to transactions that you or your aba.cash registered collaborators have entered into their database, as provided by aba.cash
  • Data attached to the user name entered at the time of login as provided by aba.cash
  • A unique identifier generated for the Push Notification function

How is this information used?

The username and password are sent to aba.cash for authentication purposes. Once authenticated, aba.cash provides a temporary unique identifier that My asistant then uses to make every request for your information available at aba.cash.

This temporary unique identifier is stored locally in My Assistant. The username and password are not stored in My Assistant.

Your other information, name, company name, notifications, etc., are stored locally in My Assistant. The local presence of this information allows My assistant to provide you with its various functionalities and contributes to its proper functioning.

You have the possibility to log out of My assistant and close your session. In this case My assistant communicates your temporary unique identifier to aba.cash in order to invalidate this identifier. Then all your locally stored information is deleted from My Assistant.

With whom is this information shared?

The information in My Assistant is shared with aba.cash as part of the operation of My Assistant.

The Push Notification feature requires sending an ID to aba.cash. This ID is then used to send alerts.

Contact me

I can be reached for questions at the following contact: